The VERY big list of Credits and Attributions for "Into the Metaverse" (updated regularly)

Lead Developer, Imagineer and Founder of Metaverse Adventures

Immersive Matthew

Unity Development Coach and Contributor

Behind every great new developer, there is a superstar developer who is there to guide and coach. For Immersive Matthew developing his first VR app, that person was ROBYER1. Without his support, Into the Metaverse may never have happened, or at least not as fast, as the state of VR development is truly murky waters and difficult to navigate. Thank you ROBYER1 for utterly paying it forward.

Life Support

Into the Metaverse would not have been possible without my wife Immersive Knee's love and 3D animation/modeling expertise. When you sit in the MetaMover, you are sitting in one of her creations. In fact, if you have watched a number of blockbuster 3D animated movies, you probably have also watched her work there too. Thank you Immersive Knee for your love.

R1 Tools

R1 Tools provided the SteamVR Lighthouse Based Mocap software needed to animate all the models you see in the ride today. It is a brilliant bit of code that allows one to put on their lighthouse based VR system (Valve Index in my case), plus 8 Vive Trackers, and then "snap" into any humanoid rigged character, and records your movement right in the very place the animation is later played back in the ride. Snapping into characters right inside the ride to record them is truly amazing, plus affordable for indies to use. R1 Tools on the Unity Asset Store so keep your eye open if you too need to animate characters or lots of them. I cannot recommend enough, but if you are unsure, just check out the ride, all the humanoids but one were animated with it. They are truly lifelike.

The animator takes advantage of Root Motion's Final IK technology for the Inverse Kinematics and animation recording, and JorgeJGnz for HPTK Posing and Snapping that provided the realistic hand poses and physics-based grabbing logic for the animatronics in the ride.

Also R1 Tools, helped with the Load Screen Free technology. Thank you so much R1Tools for all your great tools!!!

Ride Inspiration

In 1980 when I was 6 years old, my family went to Disneyland in California and among the many rides I was thrilled to experience, it was the Haunted Mansion and Adventure Thru Inner Space that really caught my imagination. I have wanted to be an Imagineer ever since and create dark rides, but life had other plans and I ended up being an IT Management Consultant. When the Oculus Rift DK1 arrived in April 2013, I knew I wanted to create a VR dark ride for it but I got caught up in the VR video scene after creating a VR 180 Stereographic camera in 2014 and shooting a lot of content with it.

A couple of years later in 2016 Treytech published their amazing dark ride called "Welcome to Oculus" for the DK2 which got me inspired again about my dark ride. It inspired a lot of the early VR pioneers actually when you ask around the community. Anyways, it was not until the Covid pandemic hit in early 2020 however, that due to it killing my industry, I suddenly had time to develop, no imagineer my first dark ride, Into the Metaverse.

I love riding it and hope others do to and wish to see the ride completed or even better wish to share their view on the imagineering process. Oh wait...have you had a chance to ride it yet? Link at the very top center of this page. I highly recommend headphones, especially ones that sound isolate you as there is a very rich audio field, engineered with many layers of audio some under toned to not be heard, but to subconsciously fool your mind that you are there. Let me know what you think over on my YouTube channel, Metaverse Adventures. I post often in the Community section of my channel and will be doing regular VLOGs on Oculus Quest Development and Virtual Imagineering. I don't know what exactly I will be vlogging about, but I know I want you there with me. See you over there. I am also very active on my Discord and if you want to get all the inside scoop and access to developer builds as the ride progresses, consider supporting the project on Patreon.

Saswatakar135 Character Artist

Many of the rides Metanimatronics were hand crafted by saswatakar135 based out of India. If you are looking for an artist who understands the contraints and challenges of Virtual Reality characters that are destined for mobile Virtual Reality, then look no further as Saswata gets it. 5/5 would recomend. You can find him over on Fivver.

Japanese Translation by Mimir

Main Narrator: Hans Karlsson

Welcome and Safety Messages: Kana Oiwa


Assets Used in Into the Metaverse Paid, Free, Creative Commons and Fair Use

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  8. Scroll with Feather Pen in Middle East Scene: ANIMATED HEAVEN Link

  9. Loading and Unloading voice created with the voices from LOVO @

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  16. Water Shader compliments of Robyer1

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  22. Medieval Civilian 3 medieval Character in the Print Press Scene:

  23. Girl with clothes. Worker set

  24. Ancient Chinese Girl in the Asian Scene:

  25. Chinese female civilians in the Asian Scene:

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  42. Water sound in the well scene in the Medieval square:

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  44. WoodBlock Prints in Asia:

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  50. Wood Block Ink Roller:

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  52. Female Guest in Loading area:

  53. Immersive Matthew and ROBYER1 Clothes Pants and Jacket: AND

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  55. Fire Story teller skirt mesh:

  56. Alternate Fire Story teller skirt mesh:

  57. 3-2 Mesopotamian Poetry sales interaction

  58. Female thank you on 3-2 papyrus scene:

  59. Female thank you on 3-2 papyrus scene:

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  62. Headphones on Title Screen:

  63. Big Gates initial steam release opening sound in the Last scene for the Pilot:

Synthwave Skybox:

  65. Carla Character in loading area:

  66. Lalli Character in Loading Area:

  67. SCP Scientist in the Loading Area:

  68. Samba Character in the Loading Area:

  69. Young female Character in the Loading Area:

  70. Blond Make Character in the Loading Area:

  71. Second Asian Gong Sound:

  72. Bush:

  73. Fern:

  74. Microscope:

  75. Formic Acid Molecular Model:

  76. Virus:

  77. DNA:

  78. Snow Flake:

  79. Bacteria image:

  80. Bacteria image:

  81. Ant Image:

  82. Salt Magnified Image:

  83. Infrared Cameras:

  84. Asian Area Lantern:

  85. Skeleton in the main Menu:

  86. 1080s Sun Image:

  87. The Globe Theatre:

  88. Outside of Globe Theatre an Inn:

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  90. Globe Theatre Drawing (Fair use):

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  107. Draw Bridge Type Door to Street

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  111. Victorian Street Carraige #1:

  112. Victorian Street Carraige #2:

  113. Victorian Street Carraige #3:

  114. Pumpkin Carriage:

  115. Horses Throughout the Ride:

  116. Crowd background sound:

  117. Pine Tree:

  118. Tree:

  119. Plants:

  120. More plants:

  121. Even More Plants:

  122. Yes, more plants:

  123. Fire Scene Forest Object:

  124. Paving Stones in Main Lobby:

  125. Asian Lion Statue:

  126. Asian Lantern:

  127. Main Plaza Haunted Castle:

  128. Astronaut:

  129. Asian Fire Pit:

  130. Single Leaf in Cave Scene:

  131. Desk at Globe Theatre Enterance:

  132. Print Press Drawing:

  133. Print Press Photo:

  134. Gutenberg Portrait: \

  135. Globe Theatre Poster:

  136. Globe Theatre Poster:

  137. Globe Theatre Poster:

  138. Globe Theatre Poster:

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  140. Clock in Globe Theatre Transition area:

  141. Grandfather Clock Chime:

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  144. Shakespeare statue outside Globe Theatre:

  145. Statue Stand:

  146. Typeface Breakdown:

  147. Typeface chart:

  148. Sheet of Music:

  149. Metamover Rotate Sound Component:

  150. Metamover Rotate Sound Component:

  151. Metamover Rotate Sound: Component:

  152. Audience in the Globe Enterance Clapping :

  153. Audience in the Globe Enterance Clapping:


  155. Audience in the Globe Exit Clapping:

  156. Audience in the Globe Enterance Clapping:

  157. Globe Audience Laughter:

  158. Globe Audience Laughter: and

  159. Outside Globe Theatre Street Sounds:

  160. Outside Globe Theatre Street Sounds:

  161. Flock of Birds above Globe Theatre:

  162. John Carmack Audio Quote (Fair Use):

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  165. Oil Can:

  166. Step Ladder in Steam Room: