To Imagineer a premium Metaverse Theme Park filled with detailed, story driven dark rides that can be enjoyed by all, anywhere.


The 4.9+/5 star rated Into the Metaverse Virtual Reality Dark Ride can be experienced today via the links below.  You can also explore the Core Plaza's other future rides planned for the Overall Metaverse Adventures Theme Park. Be sure to look around before you enter the ride to learn more.

The Haunted Castle: A Dark Ride set in days past in an American Coal Baron's ostentatious Castle. Expect a not too scary dark ride experience that can be enjoyed by all ages, plus a version that will make you scream.  (Currently Being Imagineered)

Into the Microcosmos

Get shrunk down to the microscopic level and explore the many wonders of the microcosmos that surrounds us.  A Dark Ride that explores things barely visible to the naked eye, all the way down to subatomic particles and many fascinating things in between.   (Future Ride)

Jungle Jam

A boat based dark ride telling the story of the jungle through the eyes of many world famous jungles and their rivers, all while enjoying memorable jungle inspired music that complements the epic journey.   (Future Ride)