MRTV 1 Min Pitch Contest Entry

Into the Metaverse is a virtual reality dark ride about humanity's quest for ever deeper immersion showing scenes from the past, present and future.  32 scenes total of which 8 are available today in a FREE 10 minute pilot for the Oculus Quest and PCVR Headsets. If you love dark rides like some of the greats from today and the past such as Horizons, World of Motion, The Haunted Mansion, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man, Journey into Imagination, Adventure Thru Inner Space and so many more, you will be pleasantly surprised how much of that experience can be had in Virtual Reality. VR may be the ultimate Dark Ride tech.  Let me know what you think over on the many video updates on this ride, head over to "Metaverse Adventures" YouTube Channel.

Into the Metaverse Act 1 Screenshots

Bitcoin and BitcoinZ are featured crypto currencies in the ride and have a scene in the early years of the Metaverse showing them being used.  Bitcoin for store of value and BitcoinZ for daily, private transactions. This is the future

MetaMover Dark Ride Vehicle

Fire Scene

Cave Scene

Ancient Mesopotamia Traders 

Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt Papryus

Metamover Gliding Through the Fire Scene

Ancient Asia Paper

Ancient Asia Wood Block printing

Morning chores in Medieval Europe

Johannes Gutenberg and his Print Press 

Pilot Climax Build Room

As you are a part of humanities destiny going Into the Metaverse

Dark Ride Fan?

If you are like me and just love dark rides, or never been on until you rode Into the Metaverse Pilot and just loved it, then consider heading over to our YouTube Channel "Metaverse Adventures"  and let your voice be heard in comments and polls on how we shape the future of Virtual Imagineering.