The future of dark rides are being Imagineered here!

Who are we?

Metaverse Adventures is a Vancouver Canada based Indie development studio focused solely on Imagineering Virtual Theme Park Dark Rides for the Oculus Quest and PCVR headsets. The studio was founded and is run by Immersive Matthew with support from many other independent developers and artists (please view our credits page to see how many people have contributed to our first dark ride pilot). Immersive Matthew received his Oculus Rift DK1 in April 2013, and knew the moment he put it on, he knew that his destiny was in the VR industry. If you are curious to learn more, subscribe to his YouTube Channel Metaverse Adventures or the Discord for Virtual Theme Park Dark Ride Imagineering updates and industry musings or if you want to get all the inside scoop and access to developer builds as the ride progresses, consider supporting the project on Patreon.

Where we are today

Our goal was to imagineer premium Virtual Theme Park Dark Rides that feel every bit as real, as the real thing. Our target platform is the Oculus Quest which we were unsure originally if the hardware was even up to the task given the graphics and real time lighting needs for a high quality dark ride experience. We are happy to finally report that yes, dark rides are possible on the Oculus Quest 1 and 2, and it really feels very real. Today, if you have a Quest or a PCVR headset, you can try a polished 10 minute pilot of our first dark ride "Into the Metaverse" here for free. Once you ride it, you will feel compelled to share with others as it is just so cool. We truly hope you enjoy!

How to Get Ahold of Us

The best way for now to reach us it just to email