Are you a major Dark Ride fan that just loves what we are doing and wish to support us financially? Well you have a few options.

  1. First you can go the more traditional route by becoming a supporter on Patreon. Easy as 1,2,3.

That said If you are looking for alternatives that ensure all your contribution goes directly to us with no middle person taking a cut or to get around national firewall blocks, then we also have a Bitcoin and BitcoinZ wallet setup for you to send us financial support directly. No middle person and no one can stop you.

All you need to do is scan one of the 2 QR Codes below with your cryptocurrency wallet to send your support directly to us. Ensure you are sending the correct type of coin to the same type of coin address or else those coins will be lost forever.

  1. Bitcoin is the most widely used and supported by most wallets.

  2. If you are looking to make your support private (we understand not all places in the world are free), then we have a BitcoinZ Private wallet which is very secure and keeps your transaction...well private. Brilliant!

No matter which way you consider supporting us, we look forward to providing high quality, Virtual Theme Park Dark Rides for all and thank you for coming on this Journey with us.

The most held, accessible and original cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Address: bc1q6z8h2ckkrahc40tfgm0f0kv2ms64kk0erz7s98

Fast, low fee, easy to use decentralized coin for day to purchases. Transparent address is similar to a Bitcoin address.

BitcoinZ Address: t1LRFCi8b9g3uRTj22ZwTsorHzycCaVUFHw

Privacy focused option in BitcoinZ using

zk-SNARKS technology.

BitcoinZ Private Address: zs1fp6eqk5q87nje4wjj2ay3lur8u2zuvllc3t0d0atv5ffk3h3vphg5zvaz578pufswcufc9w0hkt