Metaverse Adventures Privacy Policy 

Metaverse Adventures and its affiliates (“Immersive Matthew”, “Metaverse“, “us”, “our” or “we“) are dedicated to protecting the privacy rights of our guests (“guest“, “you” or “your”). Our Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) is simple, we collect no data from you at all at this time. This said, we will be deploying online, Metaverse, components in an upcoming release at which time we will update this privacy policy as naturally, we will need to access things like your Meta users name if you wish to go online in our Metaverse Theme Park.  Till then there is no data collection and we will only collect what it necessary to bring you into our Metaverse. Our business model is based on sales of our Theme Park, Rides and any sponsors looking for a unique marketing experience. 

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Last Update Feb 18th, 2023